Tremor Cancelling Utensils


By MATP staff person Aimee Sterk Last week Lift Labs donated two new tremor-cancelling spoons to the Michigan Assistive Technology Program (MATP). Now, Michigan citizens with disabilities will have the opportunity to try out these devices to see if they work for them. I am excited to bring this product to the Parkinson’s Summer Forum in Traverse City on June 5 where over 100 people will get a chance to see and try it. Thank you Lift Labs!



Liftware base stabilizers come with a variety of attachments (spoon, fork, keyholder, and more coming soon) that help some people with tremors–from essential tremor and Parkinson’s–to eat more easily. This is an alternative to weighted utensils and other braces which can be uncomfortable and may not work for many people. More details on this device, and an easy self-test to see if it might work for you or someone you know are available on the Lift Labs website. There are also videos and testimonials.

Liftware tremor cancellation device

To schedule a time to try the liftware for yourself, contact your local assistive technology demonstration site.


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