Adaptive Bowling Equipment: More Than You May Think


This week MDRC  staff are delving into the world of adaptive sports in big ways. Several of our staff are competing in events such as Boccia, Track and Field, and Bowling as part of the Michigan Victory Games. This Sunday, out entire staff will be engaging in bowling and other fun activities like laser tag and corn hole games at FUN*A*RAMA, a day to support the work with MDRC on Sunday, May 18th from 1:00pm to 4:00pm at Spare Time Entertainment Center near Frandor in Lansing.

As my bowling skills have been called into play this week I became curious about whether any assistive technology for bowling has been developed beyond the traditional metal ramp. Surprisingly, there’s more out there than you might think! For example, did you know that bowling ball pushers are available to push rather than roll the ball down the lane? Bowling balls with different grips are also available.

Assistive technology can make sports inclusive and fun for everyone.  To get in on the bowling fun join us this Sunday at FUN*A*RAMA



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