Last Minute Shopping


By MATP Staff Member M. Catherine McAdam

Oh no! It really is holiday time, whether Hanukkah, Kwanza or Christmas, we all find ourselves doing last minute shopping. If you’re looking for assistive technology there are several online options and some podcasts to help.

  • Check out our MATP AT directory
  • For Blind/low vision gifts there are annual reviews for the holidays at Accessible World called “stocking stuffers”: Accessible world pod casts
  • An older post from Bussani Mobility has some fun ideas: top ten holiday ideas for people with disabilities

But, a word of caution is due if you’re not sure what power of magnification, degree of amplification , or communication options is needed consider a gift certificate until you can get to an in person demonstration.  Or include the person you wish to buy for in the plan, because surprises don’t always work!

As for me, I’m always ready for a new technology book from the national Braille press, and oh yes for that last minute gift, you can get fun refrigerator magnets in print/Braille, and a great way to let folks know Braille is alive and well!

What’s on your last minute wish list?


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