All I Want for Christmas is Some Good AT


By Norm DeLisle. Executive Director

blue glass ornament on tree with lightsAlong with the other members of the MDRC AT team (MATP), I have a little list, which I’m checking twice, of Assistive Technology that I want to find under the tree on December 25.

First of all, I want a speech to text app that isn’t fooled by disability accent, wind and other noise in the immediate vicinity, and honking horns in stalled traffic.

Next, I want a speech based interface for Netflix and all the other entertainment streaming systems so that more people can enjoy them-and that they all follow Netflix and Amazon’s lead and make audio description universal.

Man with virtual reality headgear and gloves onWith the advent of consumer Virtual Reality equipment, I want to make sure all of it is accessible to anyone who wants to use it.

And, following Shaq’s lead, we should all have all sorts of medical treatment systems (like TENS) that are simpler and less expensive, and available without prescription.Cap with electrodes and wires on model of a head

While I’m at it, brain stimulation has been shown to be effective in dealing with many conditions, and in recovery. So why isn’t there an inexpensive way to use it without participating in a clinical study at a University?

When I was younger, I always seemed to ask for things I wouldn’t receive, so I won’t get my hopes up. But send me one of them, alright?


One thought on “All I Want for Christmas is Some Good AT

  1. Deidre

    Omg! I read your blog yesterday with great empathy. MOUTH magazine used to sell great stickers about the do-gooders. We still have a few. Then today, I see this:

    Can you believe it??? Why don’t they do PSA’s about how to prevent nursing home placement! Or murder, as in the Texas futile care BS going on right now.

    The real help we need exposes too much ugly bigotry… So get ready for the throng of “hi”‘s headed our way. THANKYOU not Siri.


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