Give it a Push


By Aimee Sterk, LMSW, MATP Staff

I staffed a table at an open house at a senior service center this week. As I was packing up the leftovers and brochures, I had three separate people ask me about the cart I was using to bring things back to my car. It helped me see that this cart that I’ve taken for granted for 6+ years is very useful and something others are interested in and can see uses for themselves.

I’ve been using the Versacart (also known as a transit cart) more often lately as my pregnancy progresses and I’m limited in what I’m allowed to carry by my doctor and by my own comfort level. My chronic back pain hasn’t been too much of a problem during pregnancy (yet—fingers crossed it stays that way) but I definitely notice if I overdo it. The Versacart helps a lot.

I couldn't resist. What's cuter than a Versacart with a cat in it, in a nursery in the making?

I couldn’t resist. What’s cuter than a Versacart with a cat in it, in a nursery in the making?

The Versacart is built on the chassis of a stroller, holds a great deal, but is easy to maneuver, folds pretty small for storage, and has no signs of wear after more than six years in the field. It is made of rugged, waterproof canvas, has a cover for when it rains, and can be operated with one hand if need be.

It might just be my favorite piece of AT right now. I use it to carry handouts and AV materials for presentations. Food for events, bulky AT, the Versacart can handle it all. People at the senior center talked about using it for grocery shopping and laundry, which I think it would also handle beautifully.

Pair it with a reacher if bending to reach the bottom of the cart is an issue, and you’d be all set!

I bought my Versacart on Amazon and we’ve bought them through there for the AT program, but I’ve noticed lately the price has gone up from the $40 range to $65+. Lately, I’ve seen them for $50 at Bed Bath and Beyond. There are often 20% off coupons available for Bed Bath and Beyond so you could find it for $40 that way. It pays to shop around for this item.

Do you have a piece of AT that others want when the see it? Is there AT that you use regularly that you don’t even think about anymore that is so handy others should know about it? Please share!


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