Getting an AT Lift from IFTTT


By MATP Staff Member Laura Hall

The IFTTT Logo...Red Blue and Black block letters "IFTTT"

Curiosity about it’s name alone is what led me to check out IFTTT (pronounced like ‘gift’ without the letter G). IFTTT is short for If This Then That, and it is a free service on the web and for Apple devices (in beta for Android) that enables users to connect different web applications together to automate tasks.  The service works with over 90 different applications called channels.

It uses instructions called recipes that fit the statement ‘If This Then That.  The “this” part of the recipe is called the trigger and the “that” part of the recipe is called the action.  A few examples of my recipes to clarify:                                           

  • If I take an IOS photo…then upload to a private folder in Flickr
  • If I leave a location (using location service on iPhone)….then send a text to my partner.
  • If I receive an email with an attachment, then download a copy of the attachment into Google Drive
  • At 7:00am every day…. send me a text that says, “Good Morning, Beautiful.  Time to get up!”

Still Confused?  Check out this tutorial.  Creating recipes may sound difficult by you can browse thousands of recipes already created by other users and activate them by simply clicking the “use” button.Screenshot of a recipe, stating "Rain Tomorrow? Get IOS notification"

IFTTT has a wide variety of AT uses including reminders, organization, dressing for weather conditions, emergency alerts and environmental control.   It works with Phillips Hue light bulbs and the WeMo home automation system to enable you to turn on/off lights and other household devices remotely.

Have you tried IFTTT?  In what ways would you automate your life?


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