Dressing For The Dream (Part 2)


By MATP Staff Member Laura Hall

In “Dressing for the Dream Part 1”, I shared my experience as I searched for that perfect wedding dress, and the assistive technology that helped me achieve the look.  I simply don’t believe that weddings are all about the bride.  Our partners are an equally important on the wedding day and they may feel equally as passionate about what they wear.  To help you to look your best, feel comfortable, an take the stress out of dressing for your big day, here are some tips and assistive technology to help.

1.  Make an Appointment

I stressed this when discussing the bridal gown, but it is true when shopping for a suit or tuxedo as well.  It is much easier if you are aware of any accessibility issues in the store and staff is aware that your needs might be somewhat different.

2. Designs for Disability

A sharply dressed man in a wheelchair in a black suit, white shirt, and bow tieSearching Google for “disability clothing” can really give you a mixed bag of options.  Many sites with adaptive clothing are meant for older adults and for the ease of caregivers in aiding with dressing.  However, some sites truly are focused on styles that are fashionable, tailored toward the AT (in most cases, wheelchair) user, and with elements to make dressing easier.  One that I recommend checking out is IZ Adaptive Clothing.

3.  The Zipper Tie

A front and back view of a lavender zipper tieThis tie is specially designed to make wearing a necktie extremely easy.  The Zipper Tie has a zipper sewn to the back of the tie that unloosens the tie when you upzip.  You then simply put the tie over your head, zip it back up and adjust the collar.  This YouTube video on the Zipper Tie will take you through it step-by-step.

4. Magnetic Enclosures and Open Back Dress Shirts

As someone with difficulties with fine motor activities, shirt buttons are the bane of my existence.  I was excited to learn that magnetic dress shirts really did exist for men as well as woman.  MagnaReady is one vendor but you can find others online at sites like Amazon.  For those who need assistance in dressing, the open back dress shirt separates into two halves, so it can go on one side at a time.

Remember, it’s your day too!  Look your best and make it easier at the same time…






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