Costumes, Candy and Assistive Technology


By MATP Staff Member Laura Hall

I’ve been looking forward to this blog for weeks.  It’s becoming a bit of an annual event for the Michigan Assistive Technology Program, as we celebrate children (and the ingenius adults) who let their AT pride shine and incorporate their mobility equipment into their halloween costumes.  Check out last year’s blog “Trick or Treat and AT Fun!”  It seems as though every year the costumes get better, and more people are picking up on the idea.

In fact, one family even started a non-profit, Magic Wheelchair , to provide memorable Halloween costumes for kids with disabilities.  With the help of volunteers and creative artists, they create dream costumes like Toothless from the DreamWorks film “How to Train Your Dragon”.

Some other favorite finds this year include: the flower garden, the bulldozer, and the the magic carpet ride.





We’ve come a long way from my childhood days when I covered myself and my wheelchair in a sheet and dressed as a ghost.

Remember, their are other ways to make Halloween fun and inclusive for everyone. If going door to door is a problem, check for events in your community that provide actvities and trick-or treating all in one place (and sometimes indoors).  For example, in Lansing, the Capital Area Center for Independent Living is holding their “Creepy, Crawly Haunted Hallways” event on October 29 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm (call 517-999-2760 for more details).

We wish you a safe, (hopefully) warm, and AT-filled Halloween!


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