Why Microfiber Might Save the World


By Aimee Sterk, LMSW, MATP Staff

Awhile back my colleagues and I did a webinar on AT for cleaning. While researching for that webinar, I came across a research article that indicated microfiber tools with water were better at cleaning in hospitals than harsh chemicals and sponges or mops. Having worked with members of the MCS Friends Group (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), this was a boon. So many people with MCS, allergies, asthma, and sensitivities can’t be around harsh cleaning products. A more natural, economical solution was available and worked better! Hooray! I presented on the findings and promptly forgot about them.

Then I was invited to a Norwex party by a friend. I learned that Norwex cleaning cloths are made of microfiber with silver added for additional antimicrobial power. My friend informed me she had been using the cloths in her house and also used the body cloths instead of soap and washcloths and had seen a steep decrease in her rosacea. Packed with this hearty endorsement and my past knowledge, I was ready to give microfiber a try.

I have had recurrent skin MRSA infections for over a year and had done bleach baths and chlorhexidine showers which ruined my skin and caused other types of infection—and I was still getting MRSA. I followed all of the infectious disease doctors’ instructions and was no better off after spending a lot of money and hours and hours of cleaning for months and months with harsh chemicals and daily disinfecting my body, bathroom, clothes with twice weekly disinfecting my sheets and towels.

So—did Norwex do the trick? Yes! I have been using Norwex microfiber body towels and a back scrubber for several months now and have not had a MRSA outbreak. In addition, my skin is glowing. My face is almost entirely clear of acne as well. I don’t think the cloths have to be from Norwex either—the ones in the research article weren’t.

If you are needing options that are free of harsh chemicals for cleaning your body or your home, you might want to consider microfiber body and house cleaning cloths.


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