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All I Want for Christmas is My Two … Assistive Tech Wish List


What’s on your Assistive Technology wish list this holiday season? As someone who works for the Michigan Assistive Technology Program, I seem to have an endless wish list of technology devices, software and other adaptations to try. It’s pretty hard not to get a good case of gadget lust once and while with all this cool and helpful technology. Sometimes I am just so in awe of the creativity and practicality of the assistive technology we learn about.

So when challenged by the MATP coworkers to pick just two, I developed a major writer’s block! But here are a couple of things I’d want at the moment. I decided to focus on my need to be better to remember things -and my current excitement about wearable AT!

  1. FitBit Flex: This smart wristband is designed for fitness, sure. What does that have to do with memory? Well one of the features is tracking sleep and it also has an alarm feature that vibrates on your wrist.  I have a lifelong problem with sleep. Lack of sleep makes me very forgetful and contributes to Depression. Exercise is really important for feeling well too. This “smartwatch” will sync wirelessly to my Android phone too, and I can change out the bands for different colors if I choose, I like choice, and color.
  2. 2.Pebble SmartWatch: I am not glued to my phone, as a matter of fact, I often misplace it. So while it could be great for the many wonderful reminder apps I could be using, they don’t help much when the phone is not with me. I’ve been watching the development of the Pebble since it was posted on Kickstarter. I am sure more apps will be developed soon. While the rational part of me thinks I’d like to wait for version 2, on the gadget lust meter this is off the charts, even now. I have pretty small wrists though so not sure it will be comfortable. I think I need to get to a local store and try one.

What’s on your AT wish list? What’s the best AT related gift you ever received? Let us know!