AT to Help Survive the Polar Vortex


By MATP Staff Member Laura Hall




Getting through the winters are tough for me as disabled Michigander. I always experience increased pain and increased stiffness as the temperature drops.  My wheelchair tires constantly battle the snow and ice, and the limit on my independence affects my emotional health. Yet, like most Michiganders, I’m creative and relatively gritty when it comes to our winters and staying active. Blankets – especially electric blankets are my best friends.

However, nothing could have prepared me for the recent snow storm and polar vortex which created accumulations as high 22 inches in my area so far and dropped wind chills to -30 degrees. Here are some AT items that may help you survive the polar vortex.

  • Extra socks are a must. Sock aids can assist you in putting on the added protection and making sure they are snug.
  • Cuddl Duds – For men or women. Have a thin lightweight fabric for thermal undergarments that can be layered. They result in less bulk and wrinkling and may work particularly well for people who use mobility equipment or need more freedom of movement.
  • Earflap Hats – Not only to they keep your ears warm and help keep the hat from riding up, they often have cords on the end that you can grip with your entire hand help put them on.
  • Fingerless Flip Top Gloves – Have the warmth of a glove when flipped down, but flipped up allows for movement of the fingers for driving a power mobility device, manipulating keys, using a phone, texting, etc. Various types of texting gloves, with special conductive material are also commonly sold.
  • iDress for Weather – $1.99 at the iTunes store. This app for the iPad and iPhone shows you the temperature and makes suggestions for appropriate clothing. It allows you to customize your virtual closet, define you own temperature ranges, even add photos of your own clothes!

What AT do you use during the winter months? Let us know and help keep us all safe and warm!


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  1. Leigh Campbell-Earl

    Very good. Also I like Adaptations by Adrian.


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